How To Add Hashtag And Profile Links In Instagram Bio

hashtag and profile links

Hello Instagram lovers, today I bring to you a new update that is currently rolling out and I’m sure you gonna love it. Let’s dive into the topic of the day. Instagram is currently rolling out an update that let you add hashtag and profile links in your bio settings which is a cool way of expressing yourself and all the things you love.

To add a link in your profile, all you need to do is include a # or @ followed by the link which you intend linking to your profile. Once you’re done, the links will become live links that lead to a hashtag page or another Instagram profile.

hashtag and profile links

With this new update, users can now express their selves comfortably. With this hashtag and profile link, users can add whatever they feel like adding to their bio page. The company noted that users can link to any profile or hashtag they want to without any stress.

How to Add A Hashtag and Profile Links on Instagram?

To add a hashtag or profile link in your bio, all you need to do is tap on the “Edit Profile” button and navigate to the bio page. When you type # or @, immediately you will see a list of related hashtags and accounts which you can link to. Once you select the hashtags or accounts that you want, they will automatically be linked to your bio page.

Instagram will automatically notify users when you link to them to in your bio and they can also choose to remove the link to their profile. Once they remove your link to their profile, their profile will remain in your bio but without a valid link.

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