WhatsApp Business Is Now Available To Download In All Countries – [Update]

Before now, WhatsApp business was just made available to Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and the US but now, it’s available for everyone worldwide.

If you own a business or you offer services to the general public and get paid in monetary terms, at this point you ought to have a WhatsApp Business Account installed on your device. Regardless of whether you sell your own products or you’re operating a Beauty Shop, you ought to have a WhatsApp Business Account.

The app actually provides the essential functionality you’d want from a business app. You can create your Business profile with extra information like a description, address, and contact information, and you can also enable quick replies for answers to simple inquiries. You can create greeting messages and view some basic analytics so you can see which messages are most effective.

WhatsApp Business

Note: You can’t make use of the same number you used to register your normal WhatsApp Messenger to register for WhatsApp Business app, as it will require you to use a new number or switch your regular WhatsApp number to the Business app.

How To Download WhatsApp Business App

To download the WhatsApp Business App, head over to Google PlayStore or AppStore for iOS to download the app.

If you have any advert to place on or you have other inquiries or a business proposal, you can get in touch with us via our business line on WhatsApp +233264329306 (Please, don’t call, simply send us a WhatsApp message for business purposes only).

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