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How To Use Story Mix In Photos On Windows 10

Microsoft announced a feature called Story Mix in Photos on Windows 10 a while back. The feature was initially rolled out to the insider builds, to users on the Fast ring. This feature lets...


How To Set Language On A Per-App Basis In Windows 10

Windows has supported multiple languages for a long time. Long before Windows 7, users could add multiple languages and easily switch between them. Switching between a language, or toggling between languages if you have more than...


How To Monitor High Ping On Windows 10

When we talk about internet speed, we often look at download speeds and nothing else. If you have a 50mbps connection, then you supposedly have a very fast connection. While speed is important, it’s...


How To Fix Stuck Window 10 Updates

Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft pushes security updates to Windows users. It’s done so for the past many years. Windows 10 is no different and these updates are essential. On occasion, the...


How To Easily Sharpen An Image In MS Word

You can actually insert videos, tables, images, graphs, and also a screenshot in any MS Word file. It is not one of the world’s most popular word processors for nothing. In case you’re willing...